A Note from the Author

My last flash piece, Sheeple received some interesting feedback. I ended that story with a cliffhanger, and everyone who read it felt it was an an opening to a much bigger story. So, I've left Marianna in limbo, as she and I work out exactly what her mission is. Also, I am figuring out whether … Continue reading A Note from the Author


Marianna could have have been sitting at any café table in any city, but she happened to be in New York City, sipping a hazelnut latte at an outdoor table at Starbucks. Now that her tour of duty was over, she found that she had far more free time to sit and watch the world … Continue reading Sheeple

Let’s Fly

1986 The thirty-five year old businessman strode purposefully toward Hartsfield Airport's Gate B8, and stationed himself in front of the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the runway. He was eye level with the wing of the jet that he would soon be sitting in. The ground crew looked like Lego figures from this height, scurrying … Continue reading Let’s Fly

Committing Senseless Acts of Beauty

Mihir loved Bombay. To him it was the most vibrant, fascinating city he had ever experienced. It assaulted his senses with odors from diesel fumes to mouth-watering, spicy street snacks with tongue searing flavors to match. The colors of the women's clothes and the signs on stalls and stores were dazzling, the sun beat down … Continue reading Committing Senseless Acts of Beauty